NEWS: Cooper Bradshaw announce new partnerships

Cooper Bradshaw are happy to announce that we have forged partnerships which will result in both additional free or heavily discounted services to our clients.


Receipt Bank provide cloud based document capture in order to keep track of your invoices, purchases and expenses. Whether by email, scan and upload, or by photograph via an app useable on your tablet or smartphone – any document can be captured and retained in the cloud forever. It can synchronise with your dropbox and even your Paypal account to collect information logged there too! Furthermore using optical character recognition software (OCR) the data on each item collected can be processed and then published to your accounting software. We use Receipt Bank with approximately 90% of our clients and it fully integrates with Xero, our accountancy software partner. Contact us today to find out how you could benefit from a free Receipt Bank account. Find out more on our Partners page!


Vend’s point of sale system, inventory management, and customer management software is used by thousands of retailers worldwide. It is easy to set up (we can do this), easy to use on any device and in any location, and like Receipt Bank, it links to your Xero account. This software is perfect for cash based business, retailers or any business that has multiple forms of income (cash, card, cheque etc) or a number of products and services or inventory items. Contact us today to find out how you could benefit from a free (or low cost) Vend account. Find out more on our Partners page!


Xero is the UK’s leading online accounting software for small businesses. Manage invoicing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping & more. Xero can be set up to extract information from your bank and paypal account, and then post the transactions in the right places based on information it already “knows” from previous transactions, this enables everyone to be kept up to date. Xero also integrates with Receipt Bank and Vend as well and Cooper Bradshaw can supply every client with a free Xero account. Find out more on our Partners page!

creditsafeRelationships built on trust are great, but sometimes you need to research who you are currently doing business with, or could be in the near future. Bad debts are a distressing element of running a business so doing some low cost due diligence from the outset, or when problems emerge is sensible practice.

With 10 company credit reports downloaded every second, Creditsafe are the world’s most used supplier of credit and business information. As one of only four primary providers of business information in the UK, they source their data direct from official sources such as Companies House, The Registry Trust and London and Edinburgh Gazette ensuring you get the most up to date business information available in the marketplace.

Their scoring model is one of the most predictive in the industry and at present over 80,000 companies trust Creditsafe to protect them from the threat of bad debt. They have designed our company credit reports so that whether you are a small business owner or finance expert you can make informed business decisions in a matter of seconds. Through their expansion Creditsafe now operate in over 14 countries across Europe and the US and can provide company credit reports from any country in the World.

As partners, Cooper Bradshaw can provide in-depth reports and research material at a cost of just £10 plus VAT! More is shown on our Partners page!

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