Investigations & Enquiries

IMG_20150305_195659Tax investigations, enquiries, and compliance checks along with any other conflict with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) create difficult and stressful times. We specialise in resolving any form of tax investigation or disclosure in the most efficient, cost effective and timely manner possible.

We also specialise in helping people who have committed either tax fraud, or tax evasion and who need help disclosing this to HMRC in such a way as to minimise their liabilities as far as possible.

Cooper Bradshaw:

  • Are non- judgemental.
  • Rigorously defend your position within the scope and parameters of the law.
  • Take control of the investigation.
  • Focus on working towards the most cost effective and efficient way to achieve the closure of the tax investigation.
  • Encourage you to concentrate on your business and leave dealing with the HMRC to us.
  • Pride ourselves on caring vehemently about our clients and that they are treated justly and fairly within the scope of the law.

The following are just some of the area’s we specialise in:

  • Specialist Investigations
  • HMRC Local Compliance
  • Code of Practice 9
  • Helping People Voluntarily Disclose their Tax Evasion to HMRC
  • Property Tax Investigations
  • Offshore Tax Investigations
  • Bringing Peoples Tax Affairs up to Date
  • HMRC Compliance Checks
  • Income Tax Investigations
  • Corporate Tax Investigations
  • Tribunal Representation
  • Tax Appeals
  • Tax Residence, Domicile and related issues
  • VAT Inspections
  • Negotiating Settlements with HMRC

How can Cooper Bradshaw Help?

Cooper Bradshaw understand that people make mistakes. Where someone has evaded taxes they can often spend their life worrying about what they have done, yet not know how to put it right.

HM Revenue & Customs also can be wrong and are not always willing to admit this and this is very difficult for people who find themselves with a tax dispute to challenge.

Cooper Bradshaw is a firm of tax advisors who specialise in resolving people’s problems with HMRC. We have extensive expertise in dealing with all forms of tax investigations and tax disputes.

We have helped hundreds  of people to get through the stress of a tax investigation or dispute with HMRC, obtaining the best result possible.

Proper management of HMRC tax investigations and disputes has the potential of reducing the tax, interest and penalty.

Cooper Bradshaw are non-judgemental and rigorously defend your position within the scope and parameter of the law. We take control and manage the process to minimise the interruptions that disclosure of tax evasion causes to an individual’s life and business. At the end of the process people are often glad that they do not have to worry about the matter any more.

To find out how we can help then please contact us on 01843 587 894 or e mail All discussions are confidential and initial discussions with our experienced team are free.

Cooper Bradshaw: Here to Help; Not to Judge

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